Tami Lieberman

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Research Interests

During my doctoral research in Roy Kishony's lab, I developed new genomic approaches for understanding how bacteria evolve during infections of individual people. I also studied antibiotic resistance and microbial evolution more broadly, using my favorite tools of experimental evolution and genomic sequencing.
Now, I am continuing to develop new genomic approaches as I turn my focus to the 100 trillion bacteria that live inside each of us (our microbiomes) and how these bacteria organize into communities. Foundational to understanding and manipulating human microbiomes will be an assumed model of how single species evolve within the human host. Currently, I am focusing on particular residents of human skin. Delphi

Tami D. Lieberman

Postdoctoral Associate
tami at mit dot edu


  • PhD, Systems Biology, Harvard University.
  • BA, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Math minor, Northwestern University.


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