Claire Duvallet

Research Interests

I study the relationship between the microbiome and health and disease, and am generally interested in personalized medicine approaches for public health applications. I'm excited by the possibility of using various physiological data to predict disease states, both on the individualized and broader community levels. In particular, I want to leverage the increasing availability of non-invasive, stool-derived 16S data to better understand gut microbial community shifts in disease, with the goal of informing microbiome-based therapeutic and diagnostic research efforts. Additionally, I am interested in looking at biomarkers in sewage to predict and track disease outbreaks and extract information about a city's overall health.

Claire Duvallet

Graduate Student, Biological Engineering
duvallet at

Education & Experience

  • Henry Luce Foundation, Luce Scholar, Engineering World Health Cambodia, 2013-2014
  • BS Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University, 2013